Century Patterns make meticulously-researched, historically accurate patterns of past fashions for modern sewers.

Century Patterns reproduce period cut, construction and fit for today’s wearer. Each pattern is thoroughly researched and carefully drafted, drawing on many original sources including period patterns, drafting manuals, sewing books and contemporary fashion magazines. Every pattern is accompanied by a copiously illustrated booklet containing step-by-step instructions showcasing appropriate period sewing techniques and notes setting the garment in historical context. See About Our Patterns to learn more.

Modern historical costumes can be disappointing close-up. Century Patterns are ideal for reproducing period garments as they were made in the past, clothing that is real and bears close scrutiny.

Century Patterns specialises in fashions of the Belle Epoque and underwear from the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Currently the range includes patterns for a ladies’ Edwardian petticoat, camisole and drawers from c. 1905, each accompanied by historical notes on early 1900s underwear and by specialist heirloom sewing and decorative techniques. Further patterns are nearing completion and many more are planned. See Patterns to learn more.

Century Patterns are available for purchase through eBay seller pinkdomino04. Your orders may also be emailed directly through our website. We accept PayPal and are currently in the process of setting-up an online shopping cart so buying our patterns will soon be even easier.